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Our Passion for Music

At JK Rock, we live and breathe music. Our passion for all genres of music drives our creative spirit and inspires our writing.

The Art of Photography

We believe that photography is a form of art that captures the essence of life. Our stunning photography showcases the beauty.


Our Love for Art

Art is a language that transcends boundaries and connects people across cultures. Our appreciation for diverse styles.

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Meet the Author

Julien Kraven - Musician, Photographer, and DJ

Julien Kraven is a 34-year-old music enthusiast, photographer, and DJ hailing from the sunny state of California. He is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music and Art. Kraven’s passion for music started at a young age when he would spend hours listening to his father’s vinyl collection. This led him to pick up his first instrument, a guitar, and he hasn’t looked back since.


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During his time at UCLA, Kraven immersed himself in various music genres, from classical to jazz, and honed his skills as a musician. His love for the arts extended beyond music and he found himself exploring photography and visual art as well. Kraven’s talent for capturing the perfect moment through his camera lens soon gained recognition, and he began to build a reputation as a skilled photographer.

After graduation, Kraven started to pursue his passion for music and photography professionally, offering his services at events, festivals, and parties. He started the JK Rock blog as a platform to share his passion for music and art with others. Through his blog, Kraven provides insightful reviews of new music releases, shares his own photography, and updates his fans on upcoming events and gigs. With his diverse range of skills and experiences, Kraven is a force to be reckoned with in the world of music and photography.

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